Ragnar Patterns for Homegoods 2
Ragnar Patterns for Homegoods
Subsequentia 1
A series of limited palette illustrations, designs, patterns and fonts.
Subsequentia 2
A series of limited palette illustrations, designs, patterns and fonts.
Subsequentia 3
A series of limited palette illustrations, designs, patterns and fonts.
Samples from the Fragmentia Pin-up calendar.
Atomic Dreams
Samples from the Atomic Dreams collection.
Pulp Cover Prints
Dr Strange Records Logo Sketches
A few sample spreads from the sketchbook I kept while designing type treatments and logos for record label and store Doctor Strange records.
HOS Logo Studies
Logo studies for House Of Secrets scanned from small sketchbook.
Collector's Shangri-La
Poster design for pop culture store Collector's Shangri-La.
Puddles The Clown Print
Print/Poster for the variety arts event Beyond Brookledge #4 featuring Puddles The Clown.
Several digital pieces from the gallery show Lexiconic- a contemporary take on “grotesques” as they appeared in the book Symptomatica.
Ragnar Pin-Ups
A few pin-ups from various books.
Halloween Project
Here's a bunch of rough character designs for a halloween stage show featuring large marionettes.
A few Little Moxie poses.
The Titans Of Industry
Paintings and prints from the Li'l Titans Of Industry series created for our licensing partners.
“Only Marie” Poster Comp
Proof of concept design for film.
Vinnie Custom
A custom version of the Designer Con mascot “Vinnie”.
One Eyeota Cover Comps
Cover ideas for the One Eyeota anthology/compilation.
Return To Kooktown
More Kooks!
The Art Of Big City Vol. 1
A 160 page tour throughout the process of sic-fi world building. This volume focuses mostly on character and vehicle designs. Available at Ragnarama.com
Art Of Big City Part 2
A few more excerpts from the Art Of Big City book.
Big City Excerpts
More excerpts from the book The Art Of Big City including some previously unpublished pieces.
Big City Sketchbook 2
A few more excerpts from on of the Big City sketchbooks I've made. This is where I work out rough ideas for characters, ships and environments.
SPOOLS- Drawings and Studies
Some of the studies I've done in various media for paintings and drawings in my Spools series.
Moxie Minimum
A few poses of the House Of Secrets mascot for a simple animation project.
Kooktown Goon Squad
A series of “after hours” illustrations I've done in the style of guys like Ed Roth, Jack Davis, Basil Wolverton and Bill Campbell.
Ragnarama Christmas
A few christmas decorations and some packaging from Ragnarama.
ACME Skate Decks
Here are several of the skate decks I've designed for ACME Board Company.
Big City Concept Book
Some excerpts from one of the small Big City sketchbooks I've kept for jotting down ideas and working on concepts.
Character Designs for Disney, WB etc.
A sampling of some the character design work I've done for clients such as Disney, Warner Brothers, DC Comics, Archie and others.
House Of Secrets Poster
Print and poster design for House Of Secrets comic shop in Burbank California.
Ragnar Watch Designs
Ragnar “Pepper Time!” limited edition watch produced by Vannen Watches and 3D Retro..
House Of Secrets Prints
Several prints done for the House Of Secrets store in Burbank.
A few gigposters done for bands on the Dr Strange label.
Phantomime Prints
A few of the prints from the Phantomime series published by Van Eaton Gallery and Little Cartoons.
Characters designed for the House Of Secrets dodgeball team.
Bad Robot Posters
A series of posters designed for the Bad Robot studio offices. I was given free reign by JJ Abrams to create a few faux film posters featuring the Bad Robot mascot.
At The Academy
At The Academy was a print series published by Van Eaton Publishing.
Postcard designs for Designer Con.
Some of the Ragnar VS DCON prints designed for Designer Con and Ragnarama. Collected and published in the book Aphorismyth.
Upstairs/Downstairs window series of illustration.
DCON Posters and Ads
Posters, prints, postcards and ads for the annual DCON designers convention.
Convention Badges
Badge designs for attendees, exhibitors, press and staff.
Kings Of The Road
A cartoonumentary that Ralph Bakshi called “A textbook for animators in the brilliant use of design”. A dizzying salad-toss of caricatures, typography and wild design.
Designer Con 2012 Posters
Poster and billboard design for the annual pop lifestyle design convention in Pasadena, CA.
Alabaster Typeface
Alabaster is a monoweight typeface I've designed for both personal and client work.
The fourth book in this series picks up where Symptomatica left off. This book is full of the usual pin-ups, posters and client work but also contains some analog gallery work as week. Like the previous books this one is light on commentary and gets right to the images.
Mascot design for Astro! The electronic payment and inventory service wanted a character mascot that would work across all platforms including toys.
Harmonium Product Demos
Product applications for Ragnarama 2014.
Harmonium Product Demos 2
Ragnarama: Harmonium product demo samples.
Eastside Cutthroats
Gigposters for Eastside Cutthroats.
Ragnarama Harmonium
A collection of characters, patterns, pi-ups and designs for various product categories.
Ragnarama Card Game Set
Samples from Ragnarama card game set.
Eponymonstrous Book
Book design for “Eponymonstrous”, Ragnar's ten year retrospective. This 320 page book features samples of work for film, television, games, toys, books, fashion and galleries.
Princess And The Frog Print
Art print for the Disney film The Princess And The Frog. Produced by ACME Archives.
Big City Posters
Several recruitment and propaganda style posters for Big City.
Ragnar Sketchbook
Sketchbook published by Art Of Fiction featuring personal and client work for film, television, video games etc.
Beyond Brookledge Poster
Poster illustration and design for the annual performer and fan retreat.
Insect Illustrations from the book Aphorismyth.
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